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Each year Forbes Travel Guide conducts their annual standards ratings review process on luxury hotels and resorts all around the world.
Your spa occupancy tells you how close you are to operating at full capacity and can include measurements from your total treatment beds, treatment rooms, and amenities.
When choosing a software solution to manage the ancillary revenue streams like spa and amenities for your hospitality business
Membership programs have historically been considered the territory of gyms and fitness centers. But lately the model has been catching on in spas as well.
Cancellations are a big headache spa and wellness. They cost you revenue and mess up your schedule, and you can’t avoid them.
Marketing is key to business success no matter what your industry. Spa is no exception, but sometimes in this worldmarketing
There’s been a lot of talk of a recession lately, forecast to hit harder and last longer in some areas than others. While the U.S. is not said to be in a recession yet
As we head into 2023, wellness is seeing a surge in interest and people are eager to travel. There are heightened desires for sustainable health and wellness
Gift cards or gift certificates are an important part of your spa revenue. Spa gift cards are a thoughtful and highly desired gift

People in the spa industry love what they do, but we know that it’s sometimes a passion project, as spas can often yield low profit margins.

It seems cliche to say we can’t believe it’s almost 2023, but it’s true! Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday we were predicting wellness trends
We asked Book4Time customers to share how our software system has benefitted their spa businesses, improved operations
As we gear up to head into a new year, luxury hotels and spas around the world will be working towards landing a coveted Forbes 5-Star award rating.
If you’re not offering online booking at your spa or other wellness business, you’re missing out on big opportunities to increase revenue and improve operations.
People in the spa industry love what they do, but we know that it’s sometimes a passion
Your spa software should be doing many things for you and your business.
Spa and wellness is a wonderful industry but spas can often yield low profit margins.
Data is King. Analyzing data allows leaders to make informed decisions that reduce costs,
In the spa and hospitality world, guest experience is everything. Your guest experience
Leaders in the spa industry can be stretched thin, taking care of numerous responsibilities
In the spa and wellness world, your guest experience is everything. It’s the reason people will choose
Change has always been inevitable but now it’s necessary. Our industry is adapting to the impacts of a global pandemic
Change is easiest with a software partner that will elevate your business where it should be.
Are you on the fence about your decision to switch to the cloud? We’ve got 5 reasons why you should make the move.
Thinking about implementing software in your spa but need your boss’ approval?
If you’re looking for one thing that will keep you ahead of the curve and better your chances
It’s an exciting time to be in the worlds of hospitality, spa and wellness.
Don’t lose out on potential revenue and growth opportunity for your spa or hospitality business.

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