Reports & Dashboards

Book4Time’s reporting dashboards are second to none. The software features over 250 reports and dashboards, from KPI tracking and financial reporting to revenue forecasting and purchasing trends. These features allow you to break down the metrics you’re looking for by sales, time period, technician or therapist, and so much more, giving you the insight you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Benefits and Features at a Glance

Track KPIs and Important Metrics

Manually tracking metrics like sales, occupancy, and service provider usage is a thing of the past. Book4Time captures multiple data points and allows you to track your spa’s KPIs all in one place and view reports quickly and easily. Real-time intelligence capabilities make it easy to centrally report on operational efficiency and performance across multiple locations.

Payroll Management

Why spend time on something that will take care of itself? Managing payroll manually can take hours of time every week and leaves a lot of room for errors. Say goodbye to manual spreadsheeting with Book4Time’s dashboards and see your payroll in minutes with the click of a button. Save time to get back to what matters and focus on the guest experience and your customer relationships.

Customer Trends & Analysis

Easily analyze customer buying trends, preferences, retail purchases, and demographics across locations. Use this data to make smart decisions and facilitate customer relationship management and revenue management, optimizing occupancy and sales and driving customer acquisition and retention.

Real-time Sales Reporting

Book4Time’s appointment booking software integrates with real-time sales reporting to give you insight into location performance, top sellers, technician productivity, and utilization. Understand your business and improve operations and processes with actionable insights.

End-Of-Day & Financial Reporting

Automated end-of-day reports and financial summaries save hours of time. Access your entire day’s operations and financial summaries in seconds with customized reports that tell you what you need to know. Book4Time also offers full auditing and compliance reporting.

Revenue Forecasting

With Book4Time’s reports & dashboard you can predict revenues from advance bookings, referral sources, gift card and membership sales, and marketing initiatives. Revenue forecasting helps you plan for the future, set goals, make decisions about growth, and justify costs with stakeholders.

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