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Use technology to bring customers into your spa or salon

Using the latest spa and salon software can help you optimize your customer engagement and find new opportunities for revenue.

Technology is revolutionizing the ways that businesses manage their staff and inventory, track customer data, and keep in touch with current and future clients. It’s no different for spas and salons.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use tech to be more successful. 

Cloud-based software

Using cloud-based spa software to manage your booking and scheduling makes it much more convenient for clients to view and book reservations as well as for spa managers and staff to view and update the schedule from anywhere, 24/7.

In addition to online booking and employee scheduling, the latest software offers tools for detailed reporting and inventory management. Creating detailed, automated reports allows spas to offer new levels of personalization for their clients as well as great options for marketing directly to clients through social media, email, or text messages to increase customer retention and return visits.


Start an email customer relationship management (CRM) program. Begin by thanking clients for their visit and offering a reason to return or refer a friend. A successful CRM program connects you with clients regularly enough to stay top of mind and drive return visits and leads. Consider a birthday ecard discount, an anniversary reminder, or a new product or service announcement.

Spa management can also build up a mailing list of spa fans and create a regular spa or salon newsletter to keep clients updated, enhance your brand image, and build connections.

Note: be sure to comply with the laws in your geographic region, such as Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), regarding email communication.

Social media

Get social. More and more people are searching social media sites to find customer reviews before choosing the spas or salons they want to frequent. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat can be powerful tools for staying top of mind with your current clientele and reaching new ones. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (after Google); creating a channel and posting videos and testimonials significantly boosts your rankings.

Publish content in each channel that connects with your target audience. Reward your fans and followers with exclusive deals and discounts. Closely monitor engagement to determine which posts drive the desired results. Watch for likes, shares, comments, and clicks. Successful social engagement drives brand awareness, increases revenue, and expands your online community, bringing you leads and new potential clients.

Text messaging

Text or SMS messaging is an immediate and personal way to get in touch with people. Your text reaches them wherever they are – usually in real time. Collect mobile numbers from your clients and get their permission to send discounts, last-minute deals, and more.

This is a great way to fill open appointment blocks on slow days or replace cancellations. You can also potentially reduce those no-shows with text reminders for upcoming appointments and special events.

SMS software allows you to personalize each message to the recipient by addressing them by name. The personal touch, as well as the immediacy, will go a long way towards enhancing your brand and boosting customer loyalty.

Monitor your online reputation

Technology can help you to be a good listener. Software makes it easy for you to monitor and enhance your spa’s online reputation. Find out about reviews as soon as they are published; view comments and feedback in one convenient dashboard. Build relationships and put out potential fires by responding to customer reviews. Demonstrating that you care about your customers’ experiences and react to any concerns they have can go along way towards enhancing your brand.

Be conversational and friendly, and personalize your messages and offers to individuals wherever possible.

But keep it professional. Make sure that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct in whichever media you’re using.

The latest technology gives you numerous powerful tools for building your brand, reaching customers and driving revenue. Make the most of them.

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