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How To Get Customer Referrals For Your Spa Or Salon

Turn customers into evangelists by making an impression and personalizing an authentic experience.

Turn customers into evangelists by making an impression and personalizing an authentic experience

You know that your customers are your best ambassadors, right?

People are far more likely to visit a business that comes recommended by a friend, and word-of-mouth testimonials are viewed as far more credible than even the most brilliant marketing copy you could produce. Are you optimizing this opportunity to reach new clients?

Here are a few suggestions to get spa and salon management started on these types of programs:


Begin with authenticity

It can’t be stressed enough that every visit to your spa must be a memorable experience that delights your clients. All word of mouth starts with providing genuinely exceptional service. People are more likely to complain about a negative experience than they are to share a positive one. That’s why you need go above and beyond the expected to get your guests talking about a great visit to your salon or spa.


Personalization can make an impression

Create a database of clients, and keep it current. Book4Time spa software allows you to create detailed, customizable reports for keeping track of guests’ birthdays, visit history, preferences, and more so that staff can greet them by name and make their experience special.


Employees are the best brand ambassadors 

Treat your staff well and encourage them to share your products and services on their social media platforms and with their networks. Offer referral bonuses for new customers they bring in. Again, it starts with authenticity. If your team feels like they work at a great place where they are valued, and they believe in your products and services, they’ll happily become your biggest brand ambassadors.


Reward clients for their referrals 

You can encourage your existing customers to refer you to their networks by offering discounts, rewards, and free products. Offer group discounts for clients who bring in a friend. A spa visit makes a great social occasion. Entice your top clients to bring in their friends and family. They’ll appreciate getting a deal, and extending one to their connections, and you’ll get access to a source of customers.


Leverage email and social media 

More and more people research a business online before becoming a customer. Manage your online reputation. Be active on social media, and encourage your customers to connect with you. Reward your social media followers with discounts and deals as well as information about your products and services. Ask for feedback, and engage in conversations. Respond to comments or complaints with genuine empathy, and thank your fans for positive reviews and sharing.

Email your clients with special offers and share-with-a-friend discounts. People get a kick out of having the inside scoop on great deals they can share with others.

Keeping in touch with your clients and staying top of mind between visits encourages customer loyalty and makes it much more likely they will recommend your business to their friends. Creating a successful referral program for your spa or salon is a great way to reach new customers and grow your business.

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