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Five things you didn’t know Book4Time spa software could do

book4time spa software

Your software should free up time for you to focus on important things. Here are 5 things you didn’t know book4time spa software could do.

Your spa software should be doing many things for you and your business. It should be taking care of all of the day-to-day tasks that can be automated, to free up time for you to focus on building your customer experience. It should be giving you deep insights into your business operations, so you know how everything is running and where improvements need to be made. And it should be helping you increase revenue, save time, and decrease costs.

Is your spa software doing all that for you? Book4Time’s features will take care of your spa bookings, inventory tracking; digital intake forms, dashboard reporting, and much more. If you’re using Book4Time already, hopefully you already know these things. And there are also probably some things you didn’t know Book4Time could do. Here are five of them.  

5 things you didn’t know Book4Time spa software could do.

Activity Booking

Did you know that, while it is the world’s most innovative spa software, Book4Time is not just for spas? Book4Time can, in fact, be used to handle bookings and reservations for many of your hotel and resort activities and amenities, like courses, workshops, excursions, and more.

Our software can handle the bookings for your hotel or resort’s yoga and fitness classes, cooking classes and other kinds of workshops, as well as excursions, like horseback riding, forest bathing, boat tours, hiking, and whatever amazing adventures you have to offer.

With Book4Time, guests can reserve their spots online or through a mobile device from anywhere, and at any time of day or night. No more waiting in line or on hold. You can even customize your hotel or resort’s own online booking experience for your activities and amenities with our easy-to-use API.

Cabana Reservations

Book4Time will manage your cabana inventory and reservations. Guests can reserve cabanas from anywhere, at any time of day or night, with a centrally managed system in the cloud. Take charge and do away with lineups, crowding, double bookings, and under-the-table dealings by untrustworthy employees. Your customizable platform allows customers to build their own half-day or full-day reservation packages and experiences with add-ons like food, beverage, wi-fi, and spa services, and will also automatically generate wait lists. The system will generate waitlists, capture a credit card to reduce the risk of no-shows and cancellations, and implement dynamic pricing so you can optimize your amenities based on market factors like date and time of day to maximize your cabana revenue.

Turn-Away Tracking

It’s been estimated that the average spa loses up to 15% of a day’s business from turning away, and yet most spas don’t track the reasons. Turn away is difficult to track and manage because it requires someone to take note of the reason you have to turn away a customer at the time when it happens. For example, because the time they wanted was fully booked or they asked for a particular therapist who was not available – and there were no other suitable options, so you lost that business. Book4Time’s Turn-Away Tracking automatically logs the reasons for every turn away and creates an analytics report so managers can see what’s happening. After that, you can optimize your facilities and scheduling to accommodate the clients you’re currently losing and turn that loss into a gain.

Promo Codes

Promotions help you maximize occupancy, attract and retain customers, and show your appreciation for existing ones. Book4Time allows you to generate promo codes to offer guests for all kinds of reasons – to say thank you, celebrate a birthday or special day, introduce a new service, bring or refer a friend, fill up during a slow time, or just because. You decide the discount amount or type of gift — it doesn’t have to be a discount. It could be an upgrade to a service add-on or a gift with purchase — when, and for how long, and send the code out to your entire customer base or a customer segment. For example, you might offer a 25% birthday discount (ITSMYBIRTHDAY2022) for individual customer birthdays, or a 20% discount to all customers for Monday morning bookings because that time is less busy. Or you can send out a code to existing customers to share with a friend and, when the friend books an appointment, the existing customer gets a gift, discount or upgrade of their own. Get creative. Word of mouth is your most powerful marketing tool. Use it.

Build Your Own Reports

Book4Time’s reporting dashboards allow you to build dashboards to track any number of metrics so you can keep track of your business operations on a granular level. Track your KPIS all in one place and view reports quickly and easily. These include metrics like revenue growth, capture rate, and return request rate, and you can also create reports for whatever you want to track. This can include customer segments by age and customer type (local, hotel or resort guest, corporate, vacationer, etc.), for example. This is key for leaders who are interested in seeing what services and classes are performing well and with which demographic. Looking at these metrics gives you the ability to use this information to maximize your service offerings or schedule additional classes for those that are typically overbooked or at capacity. This results in a better customer experience, giving guests more times to choose from and generating additional revenue for your department.

We want you to get the most out of Book4Time and for your experience with our software to be everything that it can be.  Get in touch today or book a demo to learn more. 




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