Case study: Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa

Book4Time worked with Atlantic City’s largest hotel to provide guests with a secure, seamless experience through its casino, hotel, and two world-class spas, and to reduce the check-time by an incredible 30%

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City is a 2,000 room property located at Renaissance Pointe. It’s the largest hotel in New Jersey, and is so popular that it has been operating at near-capacity occupancy since opening its doors in 2003.

It’s easy to see why – from the stunning lobby and sculpture garden, featuring signature glass art masterpieces by artist Dale Chihuly, to the luxury rooms and suites, the fine dining, and two world class spas – Borgata offers an incomparable guest experience on the East Coast.

Borgata’s spas are Spa Toccare and Immersion Spa at The Water Club.

The Challenge

Borgata had multiple requirements for a spa software and gift card system. Chief among these was database stability. They were also looking for a system with flexibility in the design and management of services, pricing structure, and staff compensation; as well as a wide variety of reports, particularly marketing and trending reports.

Security was also a top priority. “A big initiative we have been undertaking in the last several years has been PCI Compliance,” Gunther Taberné, Borgata IT Systems Development Manager, explained. “With data breaches happening at an increasingly alarming rate at larger corporations, this initiative was paramount. Any new application we considered needed to meet these standards. Whatever platform we chose, we had to be confident that our data was protected, confidential, and secure.  We want our guests to feel assured that they can trust us with their sensitive payment card information.”

Borgata also needed a Spa application platform that was not only constant, but able to handle a large volume of transactions from its Spa Locations.

“Another important factor was to have the capability to interface with several different endpoints. And, because the spas are part of a much larger Casino Property, providing a seamless guest experience from one area to another was critical,” Taberné explained. “To provide this experience, we needed to make sure that the platform we used had the ability to interface with our Hotel System and Casino System and to support several tender variations.”

In other words, to keep operations on the massive, busy property running smoothly, several disparate factors had to come together.

The Solution

Book4Time and Borgata worked together to develop an interface between applications that provided a streamlined flow of data to make Spa transactions continuous and quick, providing the guest with a harmonious Spa experience.

Borgata is also preparing to launch an online Guest Intake form application that will improve the check-in process and save money by alleviating the purchase and storage of paper medical waivers. The online Guest Intake form will also allow Borgata to meet HIPPA compliance standards.

The Results

Borgata now has a PCI compliant and highly secure software system with the capability to interface with all the necessary endpoints, that provides a seamless guest experience from hotel, to casino, to spa, and that can run extremely granular reports.

Jennifer Aarons, Director of Spa Operations for Spa Toccare and Immersion Spa at The Water Club, said:

 “The ability to run service specific reports has been a major improvement and time-saver when conducting an analysis of the success/failure of special promotions. In addition, because the reports can be easily exported to Excel, they are significantly easier to manipulate as needed.”

The check-in and POS processes have fewer “clicks” so staff can process transactions faster, and get customers to their appointments in a more timely fashion.  Aarons estimates that this has reduced the check-in process time by about 30%. 

As for moving to the cloud, it allowed Borgata to avoid up-front infrastructure costs and improve manageability with less maintenance.  Taberné said, (GT) “IT likes to have control of the services we provide to our clients! That control ensures that when an issue arises we don’t have to rely on outside resources to resolve the problem.  This has changed immensely as the internet has grown up and cloud computing technologies have not only become reliable, but really powerful. With this technology now proving itself to being dependable, I believe adoption will only keep increasing.”

Borgata can now continue to operate at near-full-volume capacity and offer the finest customer experience in and around Atlantic City.

Stability, Reliability and Robustness. Book4Time has provided a system that is scalable enough to deal with all of our demands. They are responsive to our needs and receptive to our ideas for future enhancements. “ – Gunther Taberné         



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