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How To Use Email Marketing To Increase Customer Loyalty & Return Visits

Learn how often you should be reaching out to your clients to stay top-of-mind or to encourage loyalty and return visits.

Learn how often should you be reaching out to your clients to stay top-of-mind or to encourage loyalty and return visits

Email can be a powerful tool for spa management to keep in touch with customers and increase retention. However, there is a fine line between not emailing them enough and filling their inboxes too often.

    • If you write to your clients too infrequently there’s a risk that they will forget their relationship with your business and consider your email to be spam.
    • Reach out too often and you risk annoying your clients and causing them to unsubscribe or block your emails.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for how often to email your customers. Getting the frequency right means ensuring that your emails provide value for your clients, and that you personalize your message and offers for your particular audience.

Every time you email someone, you are asking for their time. Make sure it’s a fair exchange. Give your readers relevant messages in exchange for that time in order to increase engagement.

Start with the basics, and build in customization from there. Here’s a template for a year-long email program.


Sample bimonthly retention email campaign: 

    • A welcome message to each new client
    • A customer satisfaction email and feedback survey after two weeks
    • A promotional offer for related products/services at two months
    • A retention offer at six months
    • A referral offer at nine months
    • An anniversary email at one year


The biggest email marketing mistakes? 

A recent survey revealed (perhaps unsurprisingly) that the number one reason people unsubscribe from a business mailing lists is because they were “being emailed too often”. That was the response from 46% over 1,300 adults surveyed by TechnologyAdvice in 2015. A further 32% cited being “sent irrelevant content” as their reason for considering a business email to be spam.


Fixing those mistakes

Fortunately, those two big email marketing blunders are avoidable. Make sure to keep the lines of communication open. Solicit customer feedback; let your recipients tell you how often they’d like to hear from you. Closely watch your email open and click-through rates as well as your opt outs. Real-world responses from your audience will help you find the balance that works for them.

You can boost those open and click metrics – and ultimately, return visits, sales, and revenue – by sending highly-targeted messages to your recipients. Relevance is the key to engagement.

The best way to ensure relevance is through personalization. You can greatly increase your response rate by getting to know your audience and tailoring your message as much as possible for each recipient.

That same Email Trends Report from the experts at TechnologyAdvice found that women were more likely to read business emails containing promotions and discounts. Men were more interested in news and updates. You know the gender the of your audience; what other information do you have about them?

The more you know, and the more you personalize, the better your responses will be.

Customer loyalty stems from not only ensuring satisfaction with every onsite visit, but also building engagement, keeping in touch, and staying top-of mind between visits. A highly-targeted email campaign that offers value to your recipients and respects their choices can play an essential part of this.

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