How it works

Creates detailed analytics reports enabling you and your Spa managers to categories and track why business was turned away :

    • Scheduling
      Ensure you are scheduling sufficient staff on particular days or times of the week to accommodate more requests.
    • Demand
      Identify if there is too much demand for a specific therapist or type of service, and understand how you are able to resolved overbooking or meeting demand requirements.
    • Client request
      Get to know your clients and learn how you are able to accommodate for specific requests such as gender, facilities or services you need to set in place to meet your clients needs.
    • Price
      Learn to leverage your pricing structure, is the price too low for a service that is in high demand or is the price not inline with a particular service or time of the week?
    • Operations
      Know and understand your business hours, meet demand when it is required.

Next Steps.
Knowledge is power.

Once you know why you’re turning people away, optimise your scheduling and facilities to accommodate the clients you’re currently losing and start maximizing your business potential with Book4Time’s Turn-Away tracking.

Benefits of Turn-Away tracking:
  • Increased business intelligence
  • Detailed reports identifying what treatments have been turned-away
  • Quantifies the $-value of business turned-away
  • Assists with better scheduling
  • Maximises business revenue
  • Removes guesswork

Find out more about how Turn-Away Tracking can help your business.

Join the world’s leading spas and salons in using Book4Time’s comprehensive business management software to take your business to the next level.

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