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Must-Follow Trends To Improve Customer Satisfaction

The spa and wellness industries are ever evolving and it’s important to stay on top of trends and innovations. Customer experience is everything in this world, and it’s something that the best of the best elevate to the highest art forms.

There are certain growing trends that are changing customer experience and improving satisfaction all over the globe, and with technological advances they are easy to implement.

Here are five trends to follow to improve customer satisfaction:


Personalization is your key to taking the customer experience from good to amazing. Everything is expected to be personalized these days.

As reported in Spa Executive’s How to Turn New Customers into Repeat Customers, 71% of consumers express frustration when their shopping experience is impersonal. 44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience.

Your guests don’t want to feel like a number, they want to feel like they are special, valued and that you care about their individual needs.

Online Intake Forms

Personalization is a trend that when taken to the ultimate level, requires you to anticipate your guests’ needs and wishes before they arrive.

Online guest intake platforms, like Guest Intake, can help revolutionize and improve your customers experience.

Guests can fill out the form on their own time before arrival, so that when they arrive at your spa, you are ready for them. Not only will they be grateful for the attention to detail, they will also enjoy not having to arrive 15 minutes early and fill out information on a clipboard.

Seamless Operations

Today’s technology allows for perfectly seamless operations, from booking to checkout.

You can learn all about a spa customer’s health and personal preferences in advance, and when they do arrive, continue to get to know them. Do they prefer a certain kind of music or beverage? Don’t make them tell you twice. Preserve this information in your software’s customer notes section, and if you have multiple locations, make sure to share this information across all properties. That way, if the customer goes to any of your other locations, their information is readily available and they don’t have to share it again. These are the little things that can make all the difference.

Express checkout is also something guests appreciate, because nobody wants to wait around in a line-up to pay at a cash register.

Mobile Booking

Mobile booking is becoming something you must have to compete in the spa and wellness market.

More people are now accessing the web from a mobile device than a desktop computer. In some countries, including India, Mexico and Indonesia, the mobile audience is significantly higher than the desktop audience. Smartphones are, in fact, the only devices that have seen growth in the number of online visits, up 89% since January 2015, while tablets and desktop visits have declined significantly.

People want the option to book by mobile and you should really give it to them.

Customer Participation

Many businesses are asking their customers for feedback and suggestions through customer satisfaction surveys, for example. This helps businesses make better decisions when it comes to designing customer experience.

Traditionally viewed as a marketing term, here we’re using “customer participation” to refer to involving customers in the brand experience. This could mean encouraging people to engage with your spa brand on social media, or creating an experience where guests make their own scrubs which are used in their treatment and then packaged for them to take home.

Engaging the customer in all of your online, mobile, social, and real world experiences is a trend that will create a deeper connection to your brand.

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