Marketing Tools

Build and maintain a loyal clientele by offering referral incentives, loyalty points, gift cards, and more. Track your efforts to learn what works — and scrap what doesn’t.


Packages & Series

Our built-in POS is easy to use, allowing you to process multiple payment options, offer a quicker check-out, and share receipts via email. Ready to save staff time and improve guest experience?



Our centralized membership program helps increase guest retention — through member discounts, exclusive services, or monthly credits that can be redeemed at your facility.


Gift Cards

Create and sell your own gift cards to increase brand recognition and market penetration. Plus, our central system makes it easy to manage your own gift card program across all locations.


Turn-Away Tracking

Want to give your business a revenue boost? Track turnaways and use key insights to improve organizational efficiencies — like staff scheduling and facility management. Never turn away a guest again!


Yield Management

Our central management tool is the best way to maximize peak period utilization and drive traffic during slower periods. Plus, improve productivity and increase revenue while you’re at it!



Encourage return visits with loyalty points, client referral discounts, promotions, and coupons. Feeling creative? Build your own incentive program and customize it to your brand.


Surveys and Feedback

Show customers you care. Send NPS guest surveys to learn more about their preferences, or solicit feedback after every visit — giving you the chance to act on a negative review before it goes viral.


Social Reviews

A company’s digital reputation has never been so important. Track your social mentions and centrally manage reviews sites like Facebook, Four Square, Spa Finder, Trip Advisor, and Yelp.


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