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Increase productivity and profit by focusing on employee wellness

Wellness is big business these days, and workplace wellness is no exception.

The Global Wellness Institute’s Global Wellness Economy monitor, released earlier this year, tallied the worth of the wellness economy, which encompasses 10 sectors, at an estimated $3.7 trillion in 2015. The workplace wellness market alone is worth $43 billion.

This is because unwell workers cost money.

The report states that the global epidemic of unwellness at work is costing the world’s economy 10-15% in economic output. And a separate report, The Future of Wellness at Work, released in 2016, also by the Global Wellness Institute, estimated the cost of unwellness at work in the U.S. alone to be $2.2 trillion annually, or 12% of GDP.

“As the cost of unwell workers rises, employers are spending more on employee wellness as a means to lower healthcare costs, improve morale and recruitment, raise productivity, and stay competitive in the market. We estimate that the workplace wellness market is worth $43.3 billion globally, which includes employer expenditures aiming to raise awareness, provide education, and offer incentives that address specific employee health risk factors and behaviors (e.g., lack of exercise, poor eating habits, stress, obesity, smoking) and to encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles.”

The current workplace wellness market covers only 9.5% of the global workforce, and the Global Wellness Institute predicts big growth is coming. This means “opportunities for businesses that provide workplace wellness programs and services; design and build healthy workplaces; help to improve indoor environments and ergonomics; and offer leadership and management development; as well as many additional sectors within the wellness economy.”

These initiative do pay off – and those in the wellness industry are in good positions to guide organizations with their workplace wellness programs – but have we all given sufficient thought to wellness in our own workplaces? After all, if we’re to set examples, we need to start with ourselves.

Increasing wellness at your spa, salon, or resort will reduce downtime and increase productivity. Here are some ways to improve wellness in your own workplace.

Offer your own wellness program: A no brainer, right? Staff needs to be well in order to promote wellness. Offer benefits covering massage, and the same perks any other company would offer.

Prioritize mental health: Make sure your employees have access to mental health care. Remember that people often come to the spa when they are stressed and your therapists absorb that stress. Management is key.

Practice what you preach: We all know that exercise and meditation improve mental wellness and decrease stress. Encourage your team to partake of these stress relieving activities. Make sure your employees are able to avail themselves of your own services and treatments. Offer deep staff discounts on your services and encourage your team to take advantage. Give them free products, and encourage them to swap services with each other.

Make healthy food options available: You probably offer healthy tea, water and snacks to your guests. Make these available to your staff also so they aren’t tempted to purchase cheap junk food.

Empower with autonomy: Few things kill morale like a micromanager standing over your shoulder, correcting everything you do and watching for mistakes. Your staff is capable of making decisions and doing things for themselves. They’re adults. Treat them like adults.

Be supportive and keep communication lines open: Listen. Make sure your team knows they can come to you with issues or problem and that you’re available to them. Make sure also that they know you have their backs in a tricky situation, such as with a difficult customer.

Give time off for growth: Some managers offer time off for volunteering or study. People don’t like to feel trapped, and enjoy knowing that they have options. This also promotes loyalty.

Set goals and help people achieve them: Knowing what is expected of us makes it easier to achieve. Not knowing what is expected of you is stressful.

Be generous with praise and stingy with criticism: Kind words go a long way, and a compliment can make someone’s week, just as a reprimand can ruin it.

Be kind and generous. Always.

Without your staff you have nothing. Treat them like they are valuable. Because they are.


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