Digital Intake Forms

Reduce wait times and streamline the customer experience. Create and customize beautiful, user-friendly online intake forms your guests can fill out from anywhere, at any time. Our digital intake forms collect the valuable information you need to know about your guests ahead of their arrival, allowing you to pinpoint any contraindications, identify upsell opportunities, and most importantly, allowing your guests to enjoy more pre-treatment amenities prior to their service. 

Benefits and Features at a Glance

More benefits and features:

Guest Intake is also print friendly. While our platform is designed to limit paper waste, we do offer a printable version of each completed intake form. We also offer unlimited storage & users. No matter what plan you subscribe to, you store customer intake forms for as long as you want and add an unlimited number of users.

Take Your Intake Process to the Next Level

Your guests can share their information before they arrive for a spa treatment or service with 100% contactless and fully responsive digital intake forms. Customers can fill out their forms at their own convenience from a computer, tables, or mobile phone.

Save Time, Space, Money, and the Planet

Online intake forms reduce wait times and the number of people in your spa reception areas. They reduce paper, printing, and destruction costs, which can easily run into hundreds of dollars a month (one banker’s box of forms costs $30 to shred). They save the time it takes to fill out the form on-site and to manually input the information into your system. And all that paper reduction is good for the environment. All this benefit in one simple solution!

Start On Time. All the Time

Guests don’t always arrive the prescribed 15 minutes early for a spa appointment, do they? With Book4Time’s Guest Intake, customers can complete waiver forms in advance instead of at the last minute, upon arrival, so you can start their service or treatment on time, all the time.

Up-To-Date Information, Accessible When You Need It

Guest Intake integrates with Book4Time so you can prompt guests to confirm or update their contact information and ensure this information is always current. Therapist notes about treatment progress and customer preferences can also be made available, so it’s accessible when you need it.

Secure in the Cloud

All of our Guest Intake forms are HIPAA & GDPR Compliant, meaning you never have to worry about the security of your guest information. Your data is stored securely in the cloud, where we keep it safe and back it up daily. Your data security is our top priority.

Not Just for Spas

Guest Intake is compatible with Book4Time’s activities module. So, it’s perfect for guests signing up for classes and activities that require a health or consent waiver.
If your hotel or resort offers fitness classes, cooking classes, or mixology classes, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your intake forms are taken care of. Similarly, your heliskiing and horseback riding excursions may also require health waivers.
Maybe you want to verify that customers aren’t coming into a Pilates or yoga class with any injuries or a cooking class with food allergies. You need to know that someone is old enough to attend a mixology class and not taking medications that interact with alcohol, or that they are in robust enough health to ride a horse or ski down from the top of that mountain. With Guest Intake, you can ask those specific questions when your guest books the activity and customize your forms for each and every one.

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