Case Study: Sensasia Urban Spa

Book4Time’s ground-breaking cloud-based spa software helped SensAsia Urban Spa communicate across locations, allowing staff to focus on what matters most: exceptional customer service.

SensAsia Urban Spa is an award-winning day spa in Dubai, UAE, with four locations across the city and a plan to expand to six in the near future. A sanctuary in the city, SensAsia was created by Salina Handa to provide a personalized sensory journey through Asia.


The Challenge

Now it’s the largest day spa chain in Dubai, but like most success stories, SensAsia started out with one location. The start of the expansion is when the challenge of communicating between locations arose.

“We went from being a one-location spa to having several locations. And we were using a software that was actually great, but it didn’t have the capability of being web based so our clients were going from one spa to another and we didn’t have any information on them.”

The process of therapists having to call each other for details about the customer before meeting them, and the customer also having to provide all their information over again with each new visit wasn’t the experience Handa wanted for her valued clients. She wanted to create a seamless transition from one location to another, so that no matter where a person was, they immediately felt at home.


The Solution

SensAsia started using Book4Time cloud-based spa software, so all data – including client information, transactions, and inventory –  was available the second someone needed access to it.

“Basically Book4Time solved the problem of sharing data,” says Handa. “We knew that we were going to have up to six sites in the next few years so it just made sense to go on a web-based server.”


The Results

With their information readily available immediately upon arrival at every SensAsia location, clients were now free to dive right into the experience as soon as they walked in the door.

“It made our lives so much easier!” says Handa. “Especially in the very beginning when new locations were opening up and we had existing clients calling the first location and asking to make an appointment in the second location. In Dubai we were probably the only brand that was using a cloud-based software so they would ask, ‘Do I have to re-enter my details or give you my contact details again?’ and we would say, “No, you don’t have to do that.’

“They were so appreciative. They loved that their client, purchase and treatment history was already there at the new location with them. So they immediately felt at ease with us even though they were at a different branch.”

This level of personalization and attention to detail are key in the spa industry. No doubt it’s this focus on (or near obsession with!) customer experience, (along with several other factors, like the long and wildly enticing massage menu) that has earned SensAsia its 70% retention rate.

“We’re really proud of that,” says Handa. “And Book4Time keeps reminding us of it because you can check your retention rate in the reports.”

The change made staff happier as well.

“For new therapists to be able to dive right into what those clients were after, what their main concerns were, it just made it a lot easier.”

Handa estimates that the time saved amounts to about 10 minutes per transaction.



Implementing Book4Time’s spa software solution allowed SensAsia to streamline the customer experience, saving time and creating a unique and consistent professionalism across all locations. Handa says:


 “Just being able to offer that extra care goes a long way with clients and our team. The reduction in nuisance value is 100%.”

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