valentine's day ideas for your spa

6 Valentine’s Day ideas for your spa

Love is in the air and Valentine’s day is your time to shine. Wow your guests and attract new customers with these 6 Valentine’s Day ideas for your spa.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This means that love is in the air, and people everywhere are in search of gifts to prove their devotion to significant others. Spa days, massages, and pampering rituals are popular and traditional ways to express that devotion. Get your spa ready for Valentines Day and take advantage of the opportunity to promote your business, and attract, retain and excite customers with an unforgettable guest experience.


Couples treatment deals and amazing gift packages are obvious ideas that you’ve probably already thought of. Get those gorgeous packages and romantic treatments going, be generous with the chocolates and champagne (individually wrapped and served in a sanitary manner, of course, due to COVID-19), and focus on your social media campaigns, website, and email marketing.


Here are some more tips for making this Valentine’s Day special for you and your guests.


Six Valentine’s Day ideas for your spa.


  1. Promote your gift cards and certificates

Valentine’s day is one of the biggest times for gift cards sales.


Some research findings:


  • A spa gift card was the third most desired by women for Valentine’s Day, behind only the significantly less affordable options of a vacation and a car. 

  • Gifts of experience, like tickets to an event or a trip to a spa, were wanted by 41% of people.

  • Gift cards weren’t even mentioned by people asked about their worst-ever Valentine’s Day gifts.


If you’re closed for COVID, gift cards and certificates can be used at another time or for retail purchases. Plus, gift cards are easy to purchase, are readily available at the last minute, and are an excellent way of reaching new customers. Better yet, if you’re a Book4Time customer, setting up your gift card page is simple! Simply get in touch with us and we’ll show you how 


  1. Promote up until the last minute

Speaking of the last-minute, people don’t plan in advance for Valentine’s Day. Surveys have found that nearly half of people (46%) don’t start their Valentine’s Day shopping until early February, and that 42% of men and 32% of women wait until the last minute to buy a gift to show their affection. Keep promoting your Valentine’s Day offerings, packages, and ideas right up until February 14. Post your amazing products and promotions on your social pages and send emails to guests a week before Valentine’s Day and on February 13, letting them know you’re there for them and ready to help make this day special. 


  1. Don’t limit your marketing to couples

Valentine’s Day is for celebrating all kinds of love. Galentine’s Day, the holiday invented by Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character in 2010, has become a bona fide tradition celebrating friendships between women on February 13. Also, one quarter of single people said they planned to do something for Valentine’s Day a few years ago, and 20% of people who searched for “Valentine’s Day Gifts For …” on in 2017 filled in the rest of the query with “friend.” Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It can be about friendship and being kind to yourself too. Create packages and promotions making the ideas of friendship and self-care exciting and fun.


  1. Give your retail some serious love

As we enter the second year of the global COVID-19 pandemic, retail is a vital element to focus on. Many spas will be operating at lower occupancy and, in some areas, not at all, this Valentine’s Day. This means bringing product sales and packages to the forefront is key to capturing that revenue that would otherwise be lost. And even if you’re still doing excellent business, retail sales could often just be better for many spas. It’s one area where spas have a hard time competing with the big stores. Get your game on. Product packages and promotions should cover a range of offerings for individuals, couples and friends. Inventory management from Book4Time can help boost your retail sales and free up time you might spend doing things manually.


  1. Reward points and VIP packages


Give loyalty points to customers who book an appointment or make a purchase for Valentine’s Day. Also reward bringing someone in or making a referral, be it a friend, family member or partner. Members should be given special offerings that are only available to them. And VIPs, or your very best customers, should be given upgrades and special offers. Sometimes businesses reward new customers but forget to show their appreciation for long standing ones. Book4Time can help manage your loyalty and membership programs and even build your own incentive program, customized to your brand. 


  1. Remember that little things go a long way

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a visit extra special. People say “it’s the little things” for a reason. We mentioned champagne and chocolates above. A glass of bubbly, a small product gift, an extra mini service, all of these things combined cost little to add on to an existing service and can make a big difference in your guest experience. Also, take the opportunity to personalize every experience and show your guests that you adore them. This is easy to do with Book4Time’s reporting and notetaking functions. Never forget a guest’s information, needs, or preferences, and these can even be shared between your multiple locations! So your guests feel at home wherever they go. Make them feel valued and special.

Get creative with Valentine’s Day ideas for your spa. Only you know your customers, what they love, and what will make them happy. At Book4Time, we went to help make this holiday special for your business. Get in touch with us today to learn more.




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