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Turn-away tracking takes the guesswork out of maximizing your revenue

How much revenue are you losing by turning away customers? Probably more than you think.

An average spa loses about 15% of a day’s business from turning away. Out of 100 appointments a day, that’s 15 appointments at $150 dollars on average. If you’re open year round and closed only for Christmas and New Year’s, that’s a total revenue loss of $816,750.

A regular will probably call back, but several studies have shown that first-time potential customers who are turned away will never call back, and that’s where you will lose the most business.

Imagine recapturing that lost revenue.

Book4Time’s Turn-away tracking makes it easy to optimize your scheduling and facilities to accommodate as much business as possible in two easy steps

1. Collect the data

Book4Time’s Turn-away tracking removes the guesswork by automatically logging the reasons for every turn away. The system then creates an analytics report where managers can see exactly what’s happening.

2. Optimize

Once you know why you’re turning away, optimize your scheduling and facilities to accommodate the clients you’re currently losing.

Spas know exactly how much facial or massage business they lost last month, for example. So, when creating schedules, spas can staff more facialists or male massage therapists, and fill that demand.

It’s so simple.

Book4Time makes maximizing your revenue a simple and painless process. You’ll never have to guess again, find out how Book4Time’s Turn-away tracking can help retain your business

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