Three things you should know about your spa customers before they arrive

Your spa customer experience is dependent on many things – from the ease of booking, to the friendliness of your spa staff, to the skill of the therapist. And one thing that can take that experience to the next level is making your guest feel truly valued. How? Through personalizing the customer experience and remembering every individual’s preferences and personal details.

According to the 2016 Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report “72% of customers now expect a customer service agent to know their contact information, product information and service history as soon as they engage and without being asked.” If they expect that from a customer service agent, imagine what they should be able to expect from a business that provides individual, one-on-one service like a spa.

Dale Carnegie, famously said “Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” While the words may be a tad hyperbolic, the real message is that being remembered suggests that one is valued, and people enjoy feeling valued. Remembering an individual’s details and preferences demonstrates that they matter to you – and then they are more inclined to become loyal to your organization.

Book4Time’s note function allows staff to add comments about spa customers, so that your team can prepare for individual arrivals, and improve the spa customer experience.

Here are three things staff should know about your spa customer before they arrive for their treatment at your spa or salon.

Health concerns: Staff should make notes of any health concerns that the service provider should be aware of, from chronic illness to skin conditions to allergies or sensitivities. Note that in the software is the only place that employees should be sharing this information. Guest health information is private, and even verbal discussions on the topic between employees may be overheard, which can constitute a breach of HIPAA compliance. For more on this, see here.

Product and treatment preferences: If the spa customer enjoys a cup of green tea or a glass of sparkling wine prior to treatment, take note of this so that that can be greeted with one. What sort of music do they enjoy listening to during treatment, if applicable? Do they love lavender and despise rosemary? Do they like a vigorous massage or a softer touch? Is their skin oily or sensitive? These details, particularly the elements essential for proper treatment, are things a customer should only have to tell you once, and never again. Asking a second time is unprofessional.

Personal details: What does the customer do for a living? Do they have children? Did they recently marry or divorce? “Have you sold any homes lately?” “How are your children?” “How are you enjoying married life/handling your time on your own?” These are not only good conversation starters, but remembering these details demonstrates that you’re paying attention. If they mention that they are going on vacation, have staff note when and where, and ask about it upon their return.

You don’t want to overdo it. There’s a line between interested and nosy, but most people know where that line lies (asking what the vacation destination is vs. asking for the exact dates and the room number). People want to feel appreciated, not stalked or smothered.

Pay attention to the little things and you will see a significant improvement in your customer experience, and as a result, higher customer retention and referral numbers.

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