Spa and wellness trends for 2022 according to the experts

It’s time to look into 2022 and speak to some of our illustrious industry experts about the trends and developments they’re excited about for 2022.

It’s been a crazy couple of years for the spa, wellness, and hospitality industries. We’ve been disrupted, we’ve pivoted, we’ve struggled and we’ve seen some incredible innovative ideas and business developments come out of it all.

What’s in store for 2022? Nobody knows for sure! But we can make educated predictions and that’s what we’ve asked some of our favorite thought leaders to do.

Here’s what they had to say.

Benjamin Donat, Spa Director, Fairmont Austin

We’re seeing more interesting trends towards working with micro-influencers and growing the local market, as well as creating “Instagramable” signature treatments, like a gold facial that will make a perfect picture and also create a luxury experience that shows results. We are also having great success with local skincare lines and vegan facials. Guests are more aware than ever and are asking educated questions about what touches their face and body, so we have vegan options for face and body from a great line right here in Austin.

The run on massages is still high but we have more questions from guests about how they can enhance the service. Percussion therapy is in high demand, especially with our convention guests who want to get the most out of their time, as they have to be back in a meeting shortly after. The integration of the percussion therapy gives them the opportunity to have a deep tissue experience while having a relaxing massage, all in one.

Jennifer Lynn, Spa Director, Resorts World Las Vegas

Creating communal wellness opportunities within spa and fitness is definitely on trend for 2022. Social connection is healthier than social distance. At AWANA Spa & Wellness we have blended elements of a traditional European sauna experience with Las Vegas’ live entertainment in the Art of the Aufguss. I like to call this experience “wellness theatre in the round.” The experience is transformative, entertaining and memorable. This is the future of sweat culture. The traditional healing comes from the heat and aromatherapy. The community connection is enhanced by the choreographed music, lighting, and dancing of the saunameister. In the sauna setting, guests experience the phases of cleansing, healing and gratitude.   

Hot/Cold Contrast therapy is also gaining momentum as a healing practice. Contrast therapy, especially frigid cold plunges and cold showers has proven to benefit physical and mental health, and to support the well-being of those under physical or mental stress. I have seen local studios popping up, inspired by leading cold therapy expert, Wim Hof.  We offer a cold plunge pool and a Rain Walk with multi-sensory cold rinse options and an excellent post heated sauna session

Sustainability is still on trend and is something that requires singular focus. I encourage all hospitality leaders that read this article to implement just one new sustainable initiative this year. As a leader, you have the ability to craft and encourage how guests experience sustainability in a hospitality setting. Try to go single use plastic free or simply enact ways to reduce consumption of single use water bottles, work with sustainable manufacturers, reduce your laundry usage. Simplicity can make an impact.  

Sal Capizzi Solutions Specialist Book4Time, Digital Marketing Specialist, Spa Executive

Immune health is going to be huge for 2022 and beyond. The pandemic opened a lot of people’s eyes to the importance of taking care of their bodies and some of the functions we often take for granted, like our immune systems. At the beginning of the pandemic people started stockpiling vitamin C, vitamin D, and other supplements. Fast forward two years later and these supplements have become part of people’s daily lives, because they realized their overall wellbeing had improved. This also spurred people to investigate things like vitamin IV drips and genetic tests to see which nutrients their body was deficient in. We have seen a huge uptick in this trend as people now realize that health is wealth.

People are also taking care of their mental health more than ever, and mood care will explode in 2022. We have dismantled the stigma around seeing a therapist or mental health counselor. People are realizing that sometimes a neutral party can give us guidance or help us see things that a friend or family member cannot. People are taking more non-traditional routes, both in their personal and professional lives, if it means they aren’t going to feel like they are in a state of disarray or misery. People have discovered that if they feel good physically and mentally, they can show their families and employers a much better, and more productive, version of themselves.

Finally, placing experiences over materialism is hands down something that I am excited about for the future. In 2021 people left their homes in droves to travel to new regions of the world, something that we often took for granted before the pandemic. The masses booked flights to make memories with friends and loved ones. People are looking to reflect on happy memories for a longer period of time rather than just look at a new bag or fancy car.

Arabelle del Pilar Rosario, Spa & Wellness Director, Melia Hotels International Dominican Republic

People are seeking wellness more than ever, but with a conscience, and they are looking for a story behind each spa experience. They want to know all the benefits of the products, where the ingredients come from, and what the impact of using them will be.

We are creating a healing spa menu with natural services “km0” where the client can experience the fresh ingredients and see where they are coming from. They can see the process of preparation of the treatment and know the details of the product. Through a video, they can see the local community collecting the product on the farm, in the raw earth. This connects us to the local community and allows people to see the impact of supporting the local economy.

I think it’s very special when you know how you can help a community by purchasing a conscious spa experience with a sustainable and inspiring story behind it. There are multiple benefits. You support local development and the environment,  while receiving a natural healing experience that your body will thank you for.

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