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Promotions that inspire customer attraction and retention

Everyone wants to attract new customers and keep them on their books, but what are you doing to make this happen?

Depending on your business goals will depend on how you approach this. One of the best ways is to focus on a promotion strategy.  Whether you are trying to attract new clients locally or whilst they are traveling or retaining your existing business – promotions is a good starting point when it comes to creating a growth strategy.

Promotions are not just for special occasions such as holidays, no, they are a good all-year-round strategy because you can always do with boosting revenue and building your client base.

Here are some top promotional ideas that can help you grow your business or retain existing clients.

  • Local partnership: A great way to attract new local clients. Think about a package combining a service such as a body treatment or massage with brunch at a local eatery. This also builds good relationships with local businesses, making them more likely to send new guests your way.
  • Travel package: Entice travelers with getaway packages, bundling a treatment or spa day with a night’s stay or weekend getaway.
  • Series package: Keep your customers coming back for even more amazing treatments. Series treatments increase retention and customer loyalty. This sort of package deal on multiple treatments increases revenues and can help fill downtime.
  • Retail and service bundle: Everyone likes a something with a service. This sort of bundle can increase your retail, and is also a great way to move items that aren’t selling as quickly as they should be. If you frame the retail item as a “gift,” this adds to the feeling of exclusivity and perception of value.
  • Group package: Where would we be without bridal parties or corporate wellness days? A good way to expose a new target audience to everything your business has to offer, you could even tie in a return coupon in to help with extra retention. But let’s not forget about birthdays, families, and other special events. The opportunity to be a part of someone’s special occasion is a priceless way to wow new guests with your customer experience.
  • Time-sensitive offer: Make any deal or package time-sensitive to add a sense of urgency. Another way to fill up that downtime is to offer a deal as long as the package is used during a certain time period. End the period after the first quarter, and there, you’ve just increased your occupancy during one of the quietest times of the year.
  • Limited offer: Having a limited number of discounted offers per day creates a sense of scarcity, which is one of the most basic sales principles. Make it clear that there are only three of something or five of something, and people want that thing.
  • Promotional event: Host a large event partnering with a product vendor and/or local venue such as the aforementioned restaurant, and throw a party. This works around any holiday or season change (spring event, summer party, fall festivities, winter wonderland…) and is an incredible opportunity to build your brand by growing your email list, attracting a wider audience, and building relationships.
  • Social promotion: Offer 10% off to people who share your promotion on social, or via email or messenger, or join your loyalty program. A great way to get the word out.

Would you like more information on how Book4Time’s software can help you boost your customer retention and retail sales with gift cards, loyalty programs, surveys, and more? Contact our amazing customer support team and we’ll be honoured to help.

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