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Driven by a desire to innovate, Roger Sholanki launched Book4Time in 2004. Since then, his company has grown at a rapid rate, attracting leading hotel chains and top brands in the wellness industry.

Roger Sholanki got his first taste of entrepreneurship in 1992 when the internet was scarcely available to the public. He bet his first two companies, Cybersoft and Capture.Net, on the success of the “World Wide Web” and the idea that the internet would become the cornerstone of real-time B2B data transmission.
Cybersoft reinvented the way retail businesses downloaded transactional data by removing modems from the process, while Capture.Net powered over 5,000 check-out lanes by providing clients with real-time retail POS systems.

When the internet craze took off in 2000, Roger’s second venture became an overnight success, with key accounts like Sprint PCS, Fitness Depot, and Party Land, hopping on board. Soon after, through several acquisitions, his POS system became part of Micros, subsequently acquired by Oracle.



By 2004, armed with a bit of extra cash, Roger took another bet on the next big internet wave: a day when big businesses stop buying servers in favor of cloud-based computing / SaaS. He launched Book4Time with grandiose ambitions to develop a cloud-based online booking software, hence the name “Book4Time

book4time's first logo

Book4Time 2004 Logo

In its early days, Book4Time attracted a broad range of clients: from car detailing companies and veterinary hospitals to day spas and salons — pretty much any appointment-based service business you can imagine!



In 2008, Book4Time had its big break, landing its first enterprise, multi-location day spa chain: Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door, a pioneer in its own right as North America’s first spa founded in 1910.


With the success of this deal, Book4Time landed its first hotel spa client (Bliss) just one year later. Bliss had just been acquired by Starwood Hotels & Resorts from Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVHM) in an effort to move the W hotel brand into the resort business with the addition of a hip, modern spa concept. 

A partnership with Book4Time resulted in a more modernized guest experience, helping them achieve this goal.



Working with Red Door and Bliss, Book4Time learned a lot about the unique business requirements of large, multi-location day spa chains and hotel spas. 

Over the next few years, the Book4Time team listened closely, gathering feedback and making improvements and iterations. 

By 2010, Roger knew it was time to invest in product feature expansions that went beyond scheduling support.



In 2012, two major hotel brands, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Hyatt Hotels Corporation, joined Book4Time’s growing roster of corporate clients. 

That year, Roger made the tough decision to pivot and focus exclusively on the multi-location and enterprise spa and wellness market. 

With software, just as in life, it’s difficult to achieve great success without laser focus!


Fast forward to today, and you’ll see that Book4Time has grown at a rapid rate due to its commitment to innovation and a loyal client based (as evidenced by a 97% retention rate and strong client testimonials). 

Hailed as a global, leading cloud-based software vendor in the multi-location and enterprise business segment, Book4Time continues to innovate to this day.

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