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How do you track your spa, salon, or hotel activity performance?

If you still keep manual records, and are spending time creating Excel spreadsheets and entering data yourself, you should know there’s a better way. Most organizations have some sort of sales reporting, you just need to make sure you use it effectively. The benefits provided by these reports are immense.

The capabilities of Book4Time’s Reporting Suite are the first step to really understanding what’s happening in your business, so you can measure your performance, and see what’s working and what isn’t, optimize the former, change the latter, and make realistic projections for the future based on real-time data.

If you’re not using any sales reporting software, you’re probably missing out on revenue and sales opportunities, as well as growth opportunities to take your business to the next level.

To stay competitive in today’s market, it’s imperative that you have access to and understand your own data. You can’t manage something that you can’t measure. Sales reporting makes this all easy, putting the power to improve your business into your own hands.

Our spa management software offers real-time intelligence and dashboards that provide you with reports on operational efficiency and sales performance. With insight on location performance, top sellers, technician productivity and utilization. Moreover, our Reporting Suite offers single and multi-location reporting and management, including full remote access to all location bookings, reports and performance, so you can access the information you need from anywhere at any time.

Five benefits that in-depth sales reporting can bring to your business.

Get the whole picture.

A good sales report shows you what is working and what isn’t, what’s selling and what may need a bigger push, and where you need to improve efforts.

Shane Bird, Director of Spa Operations at Turning Stone, and a user of Book4Time’s reports has said they have been extremely valuable for Turning Stone.

He told us he loves being able to see “what my best sellers are, and who my top guests are.”

Make smarter decisions.

Having deeper insight and understanding of your sales data allows you to make better business decisions. Allowing you to make smarter decisions by analyzing customer buying trends, their preferences, retail purchases, demographics, and more, for all your locations independently or together.

Increase your retail penetration.

An accurate sales report allows you to identify your top sales performers on your team, as well as those that might need a little help with their sales game. Once you’ve established who your top performers are you can put them to task with more strategic selling goals and at the same time offer the training/mentoring to bring others up to speed.

Save time.

Sales reporting provides full auditing and compliance reporting and automates end-of-day reports and financial summaries. You can also automate the calculation of pay rates and commissions earned on products and services sold, which allows you to easily extract the information needed to run payroll.

Jennifer Aarons, Director of Spa Operations for Spa Toccare and Immersion Spa at The Water Club at the Borgata, another user of Book4Time’s reports, recently told us that these reports are a big improvement from what they were previously using. She said,

“The ability to run service specific reports has been a major improvement and time-saver when conducting an analysis of the success/failure of special promotions. In addition, because the reports can be easily exported to Excel, they are significantly easier to manipulate as needed.”

Predict the future.

Sales reporting also allows you to predict revenues from advance bookings, referral sources, gift card sales, membership sales, and marketing programs. You can also use these predictions to boost marketing activities or prevent low occupancy over any given time.

With 200+ reports available to you, Book4Time has automated these reports and combines it into a dashboard view, giving you all the info you need at a glance so you can plan accordingly. Learn more about our Reporting Suite at

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