Intelligence & Reporting

Automate business processes and best practices in one central place: from KPI tracking and financial reporting, to revenue forecasting and purchasing trends.


KPIs and Dashboard

Our real-time intelligence capabilities and dashboard make it easy to centrally report on operational efficiency and sales performance at your facility.


Customer Trends and Analysis

Our CRM gives you a simple way to make smart decisions. Now you can easily analyze customer buying trends, preferences, retail purchases, and demographics across all locations.


Sales Reporting

Our appointment booking software integrates with real-time sales reporting to give you insight into location performance, top sellers, technician productivity, and utilization.


End-of-Day and Financial Reporting

Save time by automating end-of-day reports and financial summaries. With our full auditing and compliance reporting, your business will practically run itself — well, almost.


Payroll Management

Our tracking tool automatically calculates employee payroll, based on commissions earned on products and services sold. Plus, it’s easy to clock time and track attendance too.


Revenue Forecasting

Get to know your business a little better. Now you can predict revenues from advance bookings, referral sources, gift card and membership sales, and marketing initiatives.


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