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Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) is an advanced, cloud-based hotel property management system (PMS) that enables hotels of all sizes and scales to personalize the guest experience and create the kind of operational efficiency, flexibility, and data security needed to meet the evolving expectations of increasingly tech-savvy guests. Infor HMS is a hotel PMS solution that’s natively built and deployed in the cloud, helping hotel organizations to create a robust and scalable hospitality technology platform.

Why Integrate

Hotel staff gain access to actionable information about guests and prospects to quickly assess each booking and provide a rich experience to ensure guests have an experience that keeps bringing them back. Book4Time's deep integration with lnfor HMS allows the spa to look up reservations, post charges to rooms and groups, as well as post full revenue for centralized financial reporting.

Key Features

Book4Time now supports Infor’s Single Guest Itinerary feature

This feature will allow the Infor HMS integration to support single guest itinerary (SGI) functionality. When an appointment is linked to a hotel reservation, Book4Time will send details of the guest’s spa service bookings to the Infor HMS system, so front desk staff can advise and direct the guest, as well as provide an itinerary inclusive of all their activities on the property.

Guests love having a single itinerary for all of their activities during a hotel or resort stay. Having this information mapped out makes it easier for guests to keep track of all of their reservations and experiences. Spa services should be no exception. This feature optimizes a guests folio for a seamless checkout process at the end of their stay.

  • All hotel/resort guest activities consolidated in one view, including Book4Time booked activities and spa services.

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