Case Study

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach

50% of Spa Director Yoshimi Anderson’s revenue is now coming from her online booking site, allowing guests to seamlessly book single and couples appointments during high traffic times.

The Challenge

Finding a user friendly and multilingual spa software system that allowed for online bookings, including packages and couples bookings.

THE Solution

Implement Book4Time, which allows direct input in multiple languages, with online booking and user friendly platform.


Nearly half of bookings coming in online and happy team with more time to offer personable service.


Na Ho’ola Spa at Hyatt Regency Waikiki was the first resort spa in Waikiki. Located just steps from the azure blue waters and soft sands of Waikiki Beach, Hyatt Regency Waikiki offers personalized service with the spirit of Aloha, modern amenities, cultural activities, a swimming pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean, locally sourced dining, and onsite boutiques. The resort provides the perfect place for those who want to make the most of their island experience and connect with the heart of Hawaii.
Yoshimi Anderson

Yoshimi Anderson

Na Ho’ola Spa at Hyatt Regency Waikiki

The 10,000 square foot spa features fabulous views of Waikiki Beach, 16 treatment rooms, locker rooms, dry saunas and a gift shop. Skilled practitioners rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit with a wide variety of massages, facials, stone treatments, and wraps.

Spa team needed a user-friendly, multilingual software

Spa Director, Yoshimi Anderson, has spent the past 20 years working with luxury spa brands, including Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton, and the last nine at Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach. She started as a spa attendant and worked her way up to Senior Manager, mastering the details daily operations and the planning and execution of strategic management.
Anderson and her team of 18 needed a software system that was user friendly for staff, made it easy for guests to find the spa and book appointments online, and offered multilingual functions.
Anderson says, “I researched and saw multiple demos and most of the software systems are similar. What I was looking for was online booking capability and bilingual functions, as we cater mainly to both Japanese and English speaking clientele. Most of them offer online booking capabilities, but I found some were limited. For example, they didn’t offer package or couple’s bookings, or if they did, it wouldn’t collect all the required information. Our top selling treatment is a couple’s massage. Book4Time has an easy booking process for couples. And it allowed free space for me to input Japanese rather than translations, which tend to come out robotic or not even accurate.”
Another reason Anderson chose Book4Time is because most Hyatt spas use the software. “This allows for better business analysis, which is also a critical part of our decision.”
“Appointments come in while we are asleep. Guests can easily book online at any time”
There were some challenges during the implementation and launch process, which Anderson says was escalated and resolved, adding, “In another words, if you request, Book4Time provides. We found it challenging at first, but definitely worth going through at the end.”
Asked about her favorite features or functionalities, Anderson said, “Online booking capability. This is why we wanted Book4Time. Appointments come in while we are asleep. Guests can easily book online at any time, so we do not have to stretch operation hours just to stay open. We open when guests want to come in. It also helps to reduce spa concierge errors. Guests book it by themselves, so if there is an error it is not the spa’s fault.
“Another advantage is that online booking frees up time for the spa concierge to assist the guests in front of them, rather spending more time on the phone. So our service became more personable, and staff is not over whelmed by the number of phone calls coming in.”

About half of Na Ho’ola Spa’s bookings are now made online

Currently, about half of Na Ho’ola Spa’s bookings come in online, says Anderson, due to a heavy focus on promoting online booking via QR code. “There is an email template ready with a link to Book4Time. When a guest calls to inquire, we ask if they would like to take a look at a full menu, if they say yes, we simply email the template and tell them they can book online, or we can help if needed. Most book online.”
“Our service became more personable, and staff is not over whelmed by the number of phone calls coming in.”
The spa menu is also in QR code form with a traditional menu available for those who ask for it. “Some guests takes the QR code with them, book with us in person, or book it online while in the spa!” says Anderson. The code is also posted at each elevator landing and at the front desk.

Impressive customer service

Another thing that has impressed Anderson is the customer support at Book4Time. “I really like having Amanda O’Shea, as my go-to person. She was a spa director, so she understands not only how Book4Time can work for the business, but also what I have to do as spa director. It is comforting and helps me to resolve challenges as they arise.”
And the company listens to its customers, Anderson says, stating, “It seems that the development team is pretty flexible. I have been raised some requests so far, and a few of the functions I asked for are now live. I hope to see them more in the future.”
“If you request, Book4Time provides”

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