A Message From Book4Time CEO, Roger Sholanki

Dear loyal Book4Time Customers,

Over the years, we’ve seen a strong commitment and rise in the wellness industry around the world. Your successes have been true testaments to the growth wave the wellness industry has fortunately been a part of. Suffice to say, nobody could have predicted the juncture we are at today. With COVID-19, we have entered a wave of uncertainty that is shaping both our personal and professional lives.

During these times, I want to be clear that you are not alone. As a technology partner that serves the wellness industry, we know exactly what you’re going through, and can truly empathize with your concerns for the future of your business. You’ve likely had to make difficult decisions regarding staffing, budget cuts and more. As a business owner in the same industry, we’ve also been faced with similar circumstances. However, it is important that we rise together as leaders, stay coordinated in the wellness community and set a clear direction for how we will come out of this stronger together.

We know that COVID-19 isn’t something that should be taken lightly. The well-being of our customers, staff, and loved ones will continue to be our top priority as we work together to protect those around the world. It’s important that as partners, we stand united and fight this together one step at a time.

We want you to know that Book4Time is still 100% dedicated to serving you along the way. We call ourselves your trusted partner for a reason. That being said, let’s talk about how the Book4Time team will support you during this changing landscape.

Commitment to Exceptional Product Support and Uptime

Book4Time will not experience any service disruption. During this time, you will still have full access to your Book4Time accounts. We know that this is a time you want to “get your house in order” by running reports, gaining insight and devising strategic plans for when you re-open your doors. We’re committed to ensuring the system remains online and available for you throughout this period.  

New Product Enhancements and Features

Amidst all the challenges, we’ve retained our product and engineering teams to ensure we’re delivering on our product roadmap for 2020. We know that you will be back up and running later this year and want to make sure we use this time to continue investing in new product enhancements and features. Our team is working extremely hard to ensure we continue to support your future growth and long-term relationship with Book4Time.

Payment Relief for Existing Customers 

Much like your business, Book4Time caters to the wellness industry and it’s no secret that we’re all seeing a slowdown. In spite of our challenges, we want to make sure we’re operating in good-faith with one another. Therefore, for our customers that have invoices due in the next 90 days, we’re offering increased flexibility with payment term periods based on your unique situation.

We thank you in advance if you are able to pay your invoice on time as it will directly help us support the clients that need the most help during these difficult times.

Suspending Price Increases 

In light of the current situation and the “unknown” factor of how long this may last, Book4Time will waive any contractual price increases from now until the end of 2021. We want to ensure we’re supporting our existing customers throughout the coming year, not just today. 

Free Education and Refresher Training Bootcamp

To further build a sense of unity,  we’ve decided to launch a webinar series for members of the wellness community. We’re bringing together leaders to share their insight and volunteer some tips and tricks to support their peers. 

For existing customers, our training and onboarding team will launch a series of weekly webinars to refresh staff on the system while showcasing areas that you may not be using today. We want to ensure your staff growth and development is not being pushed aside.

These are difficult times for everyone and we’re not blind to how much businesses are being affected. Our commitment to you will be constant over-communication, transparency with the business and dedicated support along the way. We have to be optimistic and lean on one another throughout the next couple of months.

I’m confident that we will navigate these uncharted waters together and come out stronger on the other end.

Remain positive and take care of yourself and your loved ones.


Roger Sholanki
CEO, Book4Time

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