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Increase revenue and occupancy, and meet customers wherever they are with online and mobile booking. Book4Time’s online booking platform is customizable and even allows you to build your own booking experience using our API. Guests can book appointments from anywhere at any time, even when the spa is closed, allowing you to capture revenue that would otherwise be lost. Plus, the time you’ll free up that would otherwise be spent answering the phone means your team can focus on the guest experience.

Benefits and Features at a Glance

Feature Benefit
Customizable brand logo, homepage and treatment menu graphics for a beautiful user experience.
Create a visually appealing site for your guests and potential new customers to experience.
Couples and multi-guest booking functionality.
Give your guests the ability to book more than one appointment at the same time, generating additional business revenue.
Book all services you manage through Book4Time including spa services, activities, classes, cabanas and much more.
Showcase all of your services and offerings.
Upsell opportunities with 'Add-On' functionality.
Save time and increase revenue!
Allow your guests to book appointments on their own time, on their own device.
Reduce call abandonment.
Secure payment guarantees.
Reduce risk of cancellations & no-shows, and streamline your check-out process.

More benefits and features:

Capture revenue that would be lost from guests trying to book outside of business hours. Research suggests that, across industries with appointment-based businesses, 40% of appointments are booked outside of business hours. Stop leaving that revenue on the table!

Give Guests The Flexibility They Want

Online and mobile booking for spa, fitness, and other activities is no longer a nice to have, but a necessity. People expect to be able to book appointments at their own convenience and many will not make phone calls or, if they do, they won’t leave voicemail messages but will just hang up and call someone else if their call isn’t answered immediately. Online and mobile booking software allows guests to easily book not only spa appointments, but fitness classes, yoga or other activities whenever they want to, even in the middle of the night.

Keep Walk-Ins & Cancellations to a Minimum

Maximize your available bookings while keeping walk-ins to a minimum in order to balance occupancy and staff availability. Capture a credit card at time of booking that you can charge in the event of a last minute cancellation or no-show.

Increase Revenue

Book4Time’s internal research finds that guests typically spend more when booking online. People spent an average day spa ticket price of $120.44 when booking online versus $105.92 when booking by phone or in person. That’s a 12% spend differential. Facilitate this with options for add-ons and upgrades.

Reduce Staff Time Spent on the Phone

With the ongoing staffing crisis in hospitality, businesses are often stretched thin and can’t afford for team members to be spending hours answering phones and taking bookings every day. Online booking frees up time for your team to focus on effectively running your spa or hospitality business and creating amazing customer experiences.

Group & Couples Bookings

Use our booking wizard to quickly schedule group and couples services. Allow groups to check in under a single reservation, charge to one account or pay individually at POS. It’s that simple! Reduce risk of group cancellations by capturing a credit card and taking a deposit at time of booking. The system will also generate waitlists for classes and activities.

One Central Reservation System in the Cloud

Increase efficiency and ensure a consistent customer experience with a single reservation system that links guest appointments across multiple visits and locations. The system not only logs all of your appointments in one place but staff can view their appointments and schedules remotely.

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