The most versatile and innovative wellness management software

World-class features for enterprise-level business management, tailored to help spas and salons manage, drive, and grow their businesses.

Allow guests to book spa treatments, specific therapists, activities, and classes online or on mobile through our easy to use online spa booking software. Centralize your appointment scheduling system, keep a real-time record of all appointments, and make it easy for staff and guests to identify availability.

Increase guest acquisition and retention by offering referral incentives, loyalty points, gift cards and spa packages all tracked through our spa management software. Yield management tools and turn-away tracking allow your business to be more agile with appointment booking and increase revenue.

Inefficiencies in operational activities such as payment processing, collecting membership dues and loyalty program management can cause diminished profit or revenue. Book4Time’s spa management software addresses these inefficiencies and helps you manage your business from end to end. Streamline your business and payments all in one place with our integrated payment solution, Book4Time Payments.

Improving guest experience helps to retain clients, build new revenue and increase brand image. Manage profiles, purchases and customer activity across all your locations allowing your spa business to personalize each visit. Use Book4Time tools to improve guest experience while maintaining a consistent brand image.

Centrally manage and automate your business processes and best practices. Track KPIs with live dashboards. Forecast revenues and discover trends with over 200 reports on sales performance and financial reporting.

Centrally manage inventory for all your spa locations, perform hand counts of physical inventory, and track inter-company transfers. Restock your retail products by preparing reusable purchase order templates while centrally maintaining vendor records.


Revolutionize your booking experience. Find out how.

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