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The Challenge

  • Staff time taken up with phone reservations and processing gift card sales
  • Want to improve customer experience
  • Need for one software to manage various aspects of Julep’s business

The Approach

  • Spa Management System
    • Online Booking
    • Gift Card Processing
    • Membership Management
    • Central Reporting

The Results

  • Increase in bookings (over 5,000 made online in 2016)
  • Improved convenience for customers and employees
  • Online gift card portal generated over $10,000 in sales
  • Increase in membership purchases

Julep was founded by entrepreneur Jane Park in 2007 with the philosophy that beauty should do more than make you look good, it should make you feel good, too. The brand that started with four nail salons a decade ago has grown into a manufacturer and retailer of unique beauty products from over 200 shades of nail polish to makeup and skin care products.

Julep Parlor Director, Amy Shockman, describes Julep’s salons as “a means for social engagement.” That’s why their locations are so popular for group events, such as bachelorette and bridal parties.

The Challenge

Staff time was being taken up with tasks such as booking phone reservations and processing gift card sales, and Julep wanted to free up this time so they could focus on the customer experience. They also wanted to provide customers with the freedom to book at their own convenience without having to wait for the salon to be open. Julep also needed to be able to manage salon appointment booking, reports, inventory, gift cards, memberships, and billing all in one place.

The Solution

Julep parlors started using Book4Time software for their online bookings, gift card processing, membership management, and central reporting.


“It’s just much more convenient for staff and customers. Our phones don’t ring as often tying up staff time manually taking reservations. Plus, people want to book online. It’s much more convenient for them. They can go online when it suits them, see what is available, and make their reservations.”

Amy Shockman

The Results

Over 5,000 appointments were made online in 2016 for one of their locations alone using Book4Time’s online booking platform.

Book4Time’s ability to manage memberships was also very important to Julep. Membership offers great discounts for customers while encouraging return visits and referrals. Says Shockman, “Going to a salon is viewed as kind of a luxury for most people. Here they get that luxury at a place that’s very clean, has great technicians, great products – we use all of our own products at Julep – people come to us for that, but they’re glad that they aren’t paying crazy prices. They appreciate membership discounts.”

Some of the perks of membership with Julep include two Member Appreciation weeks a year, the opportunity to share services and member pricing with friends, and much more.

Julep parlor directors keep up to date on clients and inventory with detailed membership updates, sales billing, and retail reports. “Knowing customers’ names when they walk in, preparing handwritten birthday cards. Personal touches are always very valuable,” says Shockman.

As Julep Parlors also use Book4Time salon software for processing their gift cards, these can be purchased online and sent straight to the recipient or the purchaser. The online gift card portal generated over $10,000 in sales for Julep parlors last year.

Easy online sales and bookings, membership management, and detailed centralized reports on clients and sales, Book4Time provides a new level of convenience for both customers and staff of this dynamic and rapidly expanding beauty brand.

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