Guest Experience & CRM

Exceed guest expectations by personalizing each visit with our customizable CRM. Then sit back and watch your brand image, retention rates, and revenue go up!



Our alerts help staff remember the important things — like welcoming new guests and remembering customer preferences. Never forget a favorite therapist or past conversation topic again!


Central Guest Profiling

A central guest profile gives your staff quick access to a customer’s purchase history and preferences, making it easy to personalize guest experience across all locations.


Customer Trends & Analysis

Want a deeper understanding of guest buying habits? Our CRM gives you a clear picture of retail purchases, buying trends, and customer demographics — across all locations, or independently.


Notes & Document Tracking

Continuity of care is easy when your staff have access to the information they need — when they need it. Centrally managed notes and document tracking help therapists tailor their services to a guest’s preferences.



Make sure your guests receive the correct treatment every time. Store therapist notes and guest preferences in one central place, giving your staff quick access to insights gathered through various points of contact.


Surveys and Feedback

Show customers you care. Send NPS guest surveys to learn more about their preferences, or solicit feedback after every visit — giving you the chance to act on a negative review before it goes viral.

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