The Challenge

  • Customer attrition due to difficult booking process
  • Lack of tracking and reporting
  • Need for facilities management 
  • Lack of guest information for treatment staff

The Approach

  • Spa Management System
  • Online Booking
  • Guest Intake

The Results

  • 50% decrease in time spent on administrative tasks
  • Increase in customer retention and winback
  • Increase in bookings
  • Improved user experience

Divine Spa is a premiere medical and aesthetic spa in Brampton, Ontario, Canada that opened in May, 2015. Divine has six treatment rooms, three front desk staff and seven medical aesthetic technicians. Housed in a medical centre that sends clients to Divine through referrals, Divine’s quick growth has made it necessary to plan for renovations and scaling operations, with a second location set to open in 2018. 

The Challenge

Divine Spa’s Director Of Operations Rahul Singh was doing all of Divine’s record keeping by hand, using spreadsheets. This required a massive time investment. Booking confirmations were also done manually.

Singh needed granular reporting and a software that would track gift card sales, referrals from physicians, treatment logs, questionnaires, and more. He also needed to improve facilities management, and to provide treatment staff with access to information regarding their patients.

Another challenge was that the software Divine had in place was not intuitive, interactive, or user friendly.  Singh says, “We would lose customers who didn’t’ want to call in every time they wanted to book or reschedule.” He adds, “our online booking system was so poor that customers would say, you know what, forget it.

Singh wanted guests to be able to book for groups and events, and to book multiple services for one visit, something the software he was using did not provide.

The Solutions

Despite Divine Spa’s internal needs, Singh says the most important criteria for a new software system was “a good customer experience.”

Ultimately, it was Book4Time’s online booking platform that led Singh to choose it as software provider. Divine implemented Book4Time’s Spa Management System, Online Booking and Guest IntakeThe implementation and training process, says Singh, was “Amazing.”

“Honestly, it was ground breaking. The person in charge of our training and implementation laid out everything very professionally and helped us understand how to map out the entire month that we would spend transitioning. And when the transition was done, we had 24-hour access to customer support. We were very, very warmly transitioned.”
Rahul Singh - Divene spa
Rahul Singh
Director Of Operations

Benefits & Results

There was an immediate measurable improvement in several areas. One of these was to the user experience, both internal and external.

“One unique aspect of Book4Time is the profile system,” says Singh. “Our clients are now able to login through an online portal, and see their previous purchases, their loyalty rewards, and exactly when they last come in for a treatment. This is a big thing, because if they are on a regular schedule, they know when to come in. It’s a great reminder. Our customers have told us first-hand how easy it is to use.”

Internally, Divine staff can also use the system to view what treatments a client is booking and recommend complementary products, thereby improving retail sales.

Book4Time has cut Singh’s bookkeeping time in half. “I used to have to manually do all the work that is now created in Book4Time’s reports. I don’t even need to use my Excel sheet anymore.

Book4Time has also helped with customer retention and winback. Singh says, “After we got Book4Time, we called back those clients who had left us because of our booking process, and offered them a discount if they would return and try the new system. And they said, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’”

Finally, like all of Book4Time’s customers, Singh’s experience with the customer service team has been second to none.

“The nice things is when they say they’ll get back to us tomorrow, they get back to us tomorrow! Our last company, we weren’t even able to directly call in, as weird as that sounds. We had to request to be called. And if you were to call, you’d spend the day with the hold music because no one would come on the phone. So, you’d have to request to be called, and when they called, you’d better pray you’re free and you better pray the meeting gets started, because that’s it. That’s your chance.”