If you answer “no” to any of these 5 questions, your guest experience needs work

The hospitality, spa, and wellness industries are all about the guest, and therefore the guest experience is what makes or breaks your business.

Wow them, and they will always come back for more, while a less than stellar experience will have them looking elsewhere.

Here are five questions to ask yourself about your guest experience. If the answer to any of them is “no,” it might not be everything it should and could be.

  1. Are you ready for your guests?

    I mean really ready. Have you used any and all accessible information about the guests to create a personalized experience? Has your team been notified of any action items? Is there anything you could have done to prepare for their arrival that you didn’t? A warm welcome that makes your guests feel not just welcome, but that their arrival is eagerly anticipated, makes all the difference.

  2. Do your guests only have to tell you something once?

    People should not have to repeat themselves, and should only have to tell you something once — be it health or contact information, or that they don’t like to talk while getting a massage. Your spa software should be doing this for you. Once a client gives you their information they shouldn’t have to do it again.If you find yourself doing this, perhaps look at how your technology is placed for logging all this information for you, and make it available when you need it.

  3. Do your systems communicate with each other?

    A major issue with multi-location spas, hotels, and resorts, is guests having to do exactly what we just talked about. If I have already used your services at another location, a guest shouldn’t have to start from scratch at a different location. Your other property should already have this information. This problem is easily solved with spa management software that communicates across properties, and tells you all about your guest before they arrive. Similarly, your spa software should seamlessly integrate with your hotel and resort software.

  4. Are your activities and amenities easy to find and book?

    If you’re promoting your spa experience or your activities and excursions, you want guests to know about them and to have access to all related details wherever they are. They shouldn’t have to call the front desk or wait in line at the concierge to get information that could be easily provided on interactive menus in rooms or elsewhere, on televisions, tablets, or other mobile devices.You also want guests to be able to book these experiences and activities from anywhere and at any time – through online booking, mobile booking, and any other available channels – and not to have to go the concierge, or get to their room, call the front desk, or wait on hold.

  5. Do you consolidate payments all in one place?

    This is a fairly obvious expectation, but one to which many properties fail to live up. If a guest eats in your restaurant, it’s fairly standard practice to be able to charge the meal to the room, but what about when a guest goes horseback riding or heli-skiing, or uses your spa? Payment systems should be integrated and seamless, so that people don’t have to pull out their wallets more than once – which is at the very end of their stay.

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, you probably have work to do.

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