Everything you need to drive,
grow and manage your business

Customer Management

Customer Profiles

Customer profiles store personal details like their preferences, birthday, appointments, past purchases and even therapist notes. For multi-location spas customers profiles are automatically consolidate into one record.

Incentive Rewards

Create various incentive programs to grow & encourage repeat business. We offer a variety ways to reward your customers from coupons, product gifts and even store credits.


Easily track your customers preferences from their preferred therapists, marketing & notification opt-ins and any other custom preferences that will help you improve your customers’ experience.


Create custom notes so that your staff are aware of important customer preferences during any stage of the booking process.

Packages / Series

Create, edit and manage treatment packages / series that will delight your customer with unique experiences from your spa.

Online Reputation Management

The simplest way to generate, share and monitor your spas online reputation, in one convenient platform.

Multiple Languages

Reach to your customers all around the world by translating your content into number of common languages.

Point of Sale

Quick Check-out

Your customer's time is precious. Help them pay and get back to their day with our express check-out feature.

Transfer Charges

Staff will adore how easy it is to handle couples bookings and transfer charges from one client to another.

Customize Receipts

Customize your receipt to reflect your spas branding, location details and specific policies. Use our full page template to customize all aspect of your receipt.

Email Receipts

Customers will love the added convenience of getting an email with a copy of their receipt anytime during or after check-out.

Barcode Scanning

Make the check-out process easier for your customers and staff with the ability to scan custom or standard product barcodes.


Payroll & Commissions

Detailed reporting that takes cares of all the calculations. From pay rates to commission earned on products and services sold its easy to extract all the information you need to run payroll.

Appointment Schedules

Gain valuable insights into the appointments being booked at your spa. Quickly understand your most popular services, customer demographics, peak periods and even your therapist or facility utilization.

Revenue Forecasting

Powerful reports to help you forecast your revenue and keep a close on eye on what products are moving off the shelf. Get a better idea of your profit margins and track your future sales revenue based on current trends.

Customer Analysis & Trends

Understand your customer's from multiple perspectives. Quickly determine who are your top spenders, what they’re purchasing and demographic data to understand your market and customer's trends.

Staff Performance

Insightful reports to monitoring your staff performance. Track therapists requests and referrals, products and services sold by employee, and set unique goals for your team members to ensure they are always motivated.

Sales Summaries

Get detailed data on how your spas performing in sales — from individual products or treatments to how this week compares to last week and more.

Inventory Movement

Keep tabs on your movement of inventory during selected periods such as product sold, returned, exchanged or even damaged to ensure your stock count is always accurate.

Staff Management

Payroll Management

From pay rates to commission earned on products and services sold its easy to extract all the information you need to pay your employees.

Commissions & Spiffs

To help your team achieve their sales targets you can set up commissions by product or service and motivate them through a dollar or percentage value.

Goal Tracking

Setup individual goals and provide your employees with a tool to monitor their progress on how close they are to reaching their bonuses or rewards.

Shift Scheduling

Spend less time managing schedules, availabilities and day off requests. Plan employee shifts. and even eliminate shift conflicts by using our auto scheduler that takes into account when your staff are available to work. Track your staff time & attendance to ensure the hours are accurately reflected.

Expense Tracking

Stay organized with a simple tool to help your employees submit their expenses. Managers can quickly review and approve to ensure staff are reimbursed in a timely fashion.

Split Commissions

Sometimes sales are a little more complex and require additional team members. To ensure everyone gets rewards use our spilt commission feature during check-out.

Security & Privacy

Centrally Manage Users

A powerful, yet simple way to manage all your users across your various accounts to easily create, update and set security privileges, all from one central location.

Role Based Security

Have a greater degree of control over your users by creating custom roles to provide a useful blend of permission levels for your staff.

Password Policies

Ensure your staff are creating strong passwords with our enhanced security measures that follow industry standard best practices.

PCI Compliant & ISAE 3502 Type II Audit

Our PCI compliant platform undergoes yearly SSAE/ISAE 3402 Type II Audits. With industry-leading infrastructure, we strive to always keep your data secure.

LDAP Authentication

Connect your existing user management system to save time and ensure your staff only need one login.

User Usage Auditing

Know what your staff are doing across your business with reporting that shows login activity and activity tracking.

Support & Training

Implementation & Training

Your dedicated Implementation Specialist and Trainer will set up your account, assist you to customize the platform to your business needs and train your staff to ensure a successful launch.

Onsite Go-Live Support

To ensure a smooth transition and a successful implementation leverage our on-site support team during your go-live period. From how-to training for your staff to troubleshooting, we are there with you every step of the way.

User Usage Auditing

When you need a little extra help try one of our personalized on-location or web based training sessions. We offer expert guidance perfect for large teams that need to get up-to-speed quickly or smaller how-to courses.

Account Management

Partner with one of our awesome account managers who will determine the products that are best for you and help you take your business to the next level.

24/7 Product Support

You can count on our stellar team of support experts for quick answers and live 24/7 priority support by phone or email.

Onsite & Web Training

Connect your existing user management system to save time and ensure your staff only need one login.