We believe a growing business is a beautiful thing.


What drives us

We’re innovators by nature and continually push the boundaries of what’s possible.
Whether we’re reinventing what drives the spa industry or turning our insights
to new unsolved challenges we’re always here to maximize your potential.

We’ve grown a lot since our early days

When we started almost ten years ago, we were a small group of only four people. Fast forward to today and we now have offices in four different countries and a large team of smart, creative employees. We work hard to nurture a collaborative, energetic culture where our team is continually excited by new challenges.

Reshaping the spa and wellness industry

Customers are expecting ever-increasing convenience and personalization of their guest experience. Technology is changing the industry and we’re proud to be the ones driving this transformation. We were the first cloud-based technology in the spa and wellness industry and the first to deploy a native mobile booking solution. We’re now the worldwide go-to solution for established and fast-growth spa brands.

A record of industry firsts

The only spa software to be hosted on Amazon EC2, the world's most secure network
Created the first native iOS and Android mobile booking app
Introduced the first online booking solution
Introduced the first cloud-based spa software and multi-location centralizing solution

We understand the challenges you face

We’ve seen far too many spas working with software that limits their growth potential. We know how difficult that can be while handling your day-to-day operations, as well as marketing and sales. Our platform provides serious spas with a complete set of tools to drive growth and help you run a successful business.

Software is only part of the equation

A diverse range of spas worldwide use our software. Because we’re exposed to so many unique business models, we have loads of insights into how our platform can manage and drive growth. We use this knowledge to identify new opportunities to keep your business ahead of the curve.

A team dedicated to your business

Our global teams put everything they have into creating a better product for your business. From initial implementation, training and onsite support during your go-live period to ongoing account management and 24/7 product support. A dedicated account manager works with you every step of the way to ensure that you achieve what you want for your business.


The people who make our solutions better

As the spa software innovator, we want growth-minded spas worldwide to have access to the tools, insights and service they need to take their business to the next level. We aren’t content with the status quo. We’re always growing, learning and evolving. Our team members are inspired to work here because they’re able to do what they’re good at, create change and build better solutions for your success.


As the spa software innovator, we want growth-minded spas worldwide to have access to the tools, insights and service they need to take their business to the next level. Our team of disruptors and creative thinkers aren’t content with the status quo. They work here because they’re inspired to create change. They’re always thinking of ways they can build better solutions for your success.

Roger Sholanki

Founder & CEO

Roger is a software entrepreneur who’s passionate about building game-changing products and innovation in the health and wellness industry. An accomplished entrepreneur and technologist, Roger has brought to market several disruptive products with great successes.

With a background in the retail industry, Roger developed one of the first retail POS systems in 1996 when the Internet was still in its infancy. After introducing massive innovation into the retail space, he transitioned into health and wellness when he saw an opportunity to reshape the spa industry.

Just over 10 years ago Roger introduced his cloud-based Book4Time platform to solve the challenges faced by spa and wellness businesses. Book4Time is now the go-to solution for established and fast-growth spa brands worldwide who want to effectively manage, grow and drive their business. Roger’s visionary and unconventional approach to building businesses has resulted in several of his companies, including Book4Time, being ranked among the fastest-growing in Canada on PROFIT 500.

Roger is deeply passionate about creating innovation in the health and wellness space. He’s actively involved in new product development for Book4Time, as well as being a mentor, coach and angel investor for aspiring entrepreneurs that share his desire to make a difference in the world.


Tim Chen

Chief Architect/ Co-creator

Jason McFadden

Head of Product

Vinay Sharma

VP Operations & Client Success

Yaroslav Semykin

VP Engineering

Rhett Pickering

Director, Client Services

David Smith

Financial Controller

We’re looking for game changers

We’re always searching for people who can make our solutions better.
Passionate, collaborative individuals who jump at the opportunity to innovate and push the industry forward.
If you love a challenge and want to do your best work with a great team, we’d love to hear from you.

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